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Almeza MultiSet

Almeza MultiSet will automatically install all the applications you require
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Almeza MultiSet is a macro recording tool for Windows. It doesn't just record any type of activity. It rather focuses on the task of installing software automatically. And it does a great job at that. The application allows you to create new "tasks". Each of these tasks is a new piece of software to be installed. You simply point the application towards .EXE installation files, and it will then record how to install the application. When you finish creating a task, a macro recorded will pop up and it will see how you manually install the application. After that, it will remember the process and you can install it automatically the next time. There are some options for every task. You can add application parameters and even allow applications to restart the computer. Creating tasks will take some time. But once you have done it for the first time, you will able to install a piece of software an unlimited number of times on any computer, automatically. In my own testing, the trial version did splendidly. Seeing an application install itself was just memorable.

Almeza MultiSet can also be used to create unattended Windows installations. And what is more, it can be used to create an automatic installation of Windows that will also install all your software after the installation is done. The time savings that we are talking about here are great if you have to install Windows and software on several machines.

Congratulations go out to the developers of this application on a great automatic installer that is easy to use, has extensive help and gets the job done.

José Fernández
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